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December 8, 2006

Thank you...thank you...thank you...I am a 34 year old woman who began smoking at the age of 13 years old, yes, 13.

...I thought that your product was sold in stores, but today I learned otherwise as a gentlemen with emphysema called me wanting to know what I used. Now that I know how my friends can get a hold of Smoke Away, I can refer them properly.

Again, thank you so much...

Have a wonderful day


Joy Whited


...I've recommended Smoke Away to everyone I know!! THANK YOU....THANK YOU!!! - J. Swanson, Illinois


Hello. I ordered Smoke Away for my fiance...Thank you. - Sara


My name is Marlene. I ordered smoke away at the urge of my 5 year old son who saw your commercial. He kept bugging me, he threw my cigarettes in the trash, etc...I finally caught the commercial and bought the whole program...I dont know what it is. I know its all natural and vitamins and such...Thank you for the program.  - Marlene J.


I just wanted to thank you again for your great product...I wish I could put into words how this product had made me feel...Smelling a smoker just reminds me just how much I do not want to smoke. Thank you for your whole system, but the aromatherapy is an important added crutch.  - T.M. Scheidt


I just wanted to thank you for your great product...Thank you so much and I will tell anyone who smokes to try Smoke Away!!!!!!!! Thanks again and God bless - S. Naftzinger


I would just like to commend you on your choice of Bob in the Smoke Away commercials that run on television, specificially ESPN programming. I have seldom seen a person I believe in more than this Bob fellow. Keep up the good work. - H. Brockett


I am writing because I used Smoke Away 2 months ago and I want to say this. I smoked for 30 years and I smoked 2 and a-half packs a-day...I wanted to say thank you for inventing Smoke Away...Again thank you very much for Smoke Away. - K A Shamper


I wanted to send a note to all of you there. I wanted to let you know that I have used your product...Thank you again. - R. Mack


I am happy to report that three months ago I started on your Smoke Away product...I thank you. - Rod P.


I just wanted to Thank your company...I have also convinced 2 of my co-workers to purchase the program. - C. Brodzik




Hi, My name is Tanya, I just recently got your product...Im a firm believer in the Smoke Away program and have recommended it to every smoker that I know. - Tanya


Amazing product. You should try to invent a like product for drug abuse and you could be responsible for turning our country around. Thanks!!! - Anonymous


I ordered and used Smoke Away over a year ago...Thank who ever came up with the Herbal Formula.  -  Bigben


I just wanted to send a line to you...I am greatful and thankful to you for your product!!! - R. Red


Thank you so much!!...I own a successful business, in which many of my salespeople smoke. Well, I know what their next incentive will be. An order of Smoke Away, YEEEAAHHS!!!! Not to sound vane, but my wife and I would be more than happy to help with a future commercial. Well pay our own expenses and everything! No kidding, if we could only help at least one other person, it would be worth it. Im 32, and my wife, Angela is 36. Not to sound bias, but she is definitely model- material for most magazines. will happily send photos if interested Im not a radical by any means, however I plan on visiting the powers that be in North Carolina. To reinforce any and all groups on the subject of nicotine addiction, along with the other crap they got us hooked on!! Before we do that however, as I said we will pay for the trip and/or filming for a future ad, just for the good of mankind.  - B. & A. Mildebrandt


Thank you Smoke Away. - C. Carpenter


I had tried the patches but they never worked and my husband got highly nervous when he tried to quit. I just wish I had heard of your products years ago. - D. Castenholz


Thank you so much for such a fine product! I have recommended it to some friends and I hope they buy it! - C. Weaver


I am an ex-smokeless tobacco user of 17 years. Smoke Away helped me and I would like to help others. My father died of lung cancer three and a half years ago and I would consider it a tribute to him if I were able to help others quit tobacco. Please send me information on how to become a distributor of this incredible program. I am a healthcare provider and I would like to be able to offer programs other than nicotine gums / patches and antidepressants.  - A. Knowles




I would just like to let you know that I ordered your product about 6 weeks ago. I must admit that I was skeptical watching your infomercial. I remember asking myself how much you paid those people to go on television. However, I was desperate, wanted to quit so I kept ordering. I received the kit in the mail and started on the program four days later. I was amazed... - R Archambault


Thank you for your product..now I would like to order 2 more standard kits for family members... - M Taylor


Hi, my name is Rebecca and I was a carton a week smoker...I purchased you system last year...I have spoke very highly of your program and have offered any information that I can to help others out. I have purchased this for my brother in law who cant afford it but really wants and needs to quit...I also have purchased this for my cousin who is ready to quit. I have been really pushing your product and was wondering if you could mail me so literature so I can take this to my place of employment. I would greatly appreciate anything you can mail to me. Please feel free to contact me back via e-mail if you have any questions. - Becky J.


Thank you Smoke Away...- Anonymous


THANK YOU I LOVE YOU! one day every day thats all I can say I am spreading the word I tell someone every day...All my friends and family thank you - C. Phillipe


Anybody who is struggling with those silly patches should wake up and buy Smoke Away! I dont know why the health people dont stress your product instead of the patches...seems dumb to me. I thank you very much.  - K. Chapman


Thank you Smoke Away.  - A. Whitcher


I really did like your product. I like the idea that it is all natural. I also believe in herbs. - S. Runne


I am so thrilled with your product I would like to become a distributor here in the Bahamas. Just an hour ago I had a friend ready buy the formula. Please let me know if you allow overseas distributors.  - P.S. Petty


Was skeptical but bought Smoke Away anyway...Thank you! -Amy, Tarpon Springs, FL - Amy S.


I smoked for over 30 years. I ordered and received Smoke Away...I am spreading the word. Thanks Smoke Away. - Debbie Markline


Thank you so very much for this product... - Diana James


... thanks a million, DAN F.


UNBELIEVABLE! Thank you so much...I am going to tell everyone to use Smoke Away. Forever in your debt, Cory Mason


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